About the product

Welcome to the Austrian Aiports Product Website!

What is this product all about? It is a scenery add-on for Microsofts Flight Simulator, for the version FS2004.
With that add on product you will get very detailed sceneries for several austrian airports.
Wich airports are included? 33 airports and airfields, from small general aviation fields to large international airports

the featured airports and airfields are:

in Vorarlberg: Hohenems/Dornbirn - LOIH;
in Tirol: St. Johann/Kitzbühel - LOIJ; Innsbruck/Kranebitten - LOWI; Lienz Nikolsdorf - LOKL; Reutte/Hoefen - LOIR;
in Salzburg: Zell am See - LOWZ; Salzburg/Maxglan - LOWS; Mauterndorf - LOSM;
in Kärnten: Klagenfurt/Wörthersee - LOWK; Feldkirchen - LOKF; Wolfsberg - LOKW;
in Oberösterreich: Linz/Hörsching - LOWL; Wels - LOLW; Schaerding Suben - LOLS;
in d. Steiermark: Graz/Thalerhof - LOWG; Zeltweg/FH Hinterstoisser - LOXZ; Lanzen -Turnau - LOGL; Kapfenberg - LOGK; Mariazell - LOGM; Niederoeblarn - LOGO, Aigen - Ennstal AB - LOXA; Fuerstenfeld - LOGF; Weiz-Unterfladnitz -LOGW
in Niederösterreich: Krems/Gneixendorf - LOAG; Bad Vöslau - LOAV; Wr. Neustadt - LOAN; Wien/Schwechat - LOWW; Spitzerberg - LOAS; Tulln - Langenlebarn - LOXT; UKH Meidling (Wien); UKH Lorenz Boehler (Wien); FlightXpress HQ Heliport (Hennersdorf);
im Burgenland: Punitz - Guessing - LOGG;

That means that every region is represented with one or more airports.
Austria has more than 31 airfields, thatīs clear, but the featured ones are my personal favorites, just as a matter of taste.
I tried to recreate the airports carefully and close to reality. But this sceneries are representing a subjective view of the reality. They can never be total "as real".
They are Flightsim Sceneries, and not CAD construction plans. It is not posibble to create a totally real and complete airport as a flightsim scenery.

I tried to create the illusion of "beeing there". It was important for me to recreate the atmosphere of a specific airport in the flightsimulator.
In my opinion that is it what flightsimsceneries are all about.
To get that illusion, that atmosphere or genius loci of an airport, I tried to recreate as much details as possible.
Off course, everybody has his own opinion of what is important for an airportscenery. Thats why we see a lot of different styles of scenery design. Each style has its advantages, it is not possible to tell wich way of scenery design is the best.

I think that textures and buildings of an airportscenery are very important to get the illusion of the real one. Thatīs why I try to use photorealistic textures wherever possible. I created the nighttextures also very carefully, to maintain a realistic look at night.
Also the detailed design of the buildings and other threedimensional objects is important for me.

One word about the actuality of the sceneries.
I visited the airports during the summer of 2003, and that is how the sceneries look like. It is possible that meanwhile some construction work took place on one or the other airport. Obviously a scenery can not be "up to date".

I hope that all users who purchase that scenery have fun with it.

I like to invite you to visit the screenshot section of that website, there you will get a fine impression of the scenery.

Have fun with your flightsimulator,

Stefan Rausch